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„Bokréta” Guesthouse - Ganna - Veszprem county - Hungary

Would you like to relax in a quite picturesque village in the Bakony Hills?

You can find all these in our guesthouse in Ganna.

„Bokréta” Guesthouse is situated at the and of the Main Street of Ganna in a quite place, on the hillside. Where there is a magnificant view of the neighbouring landscape. You can find Ganna 10 km from Pápa on the bank of a little creek called Bitva. The environment of the village is beautiful. There are well-tended roads and pavements. There is a lot of greenery. All these things enable the village for rural tourism and hosting guests. People who desire for some rest and relaxation, it offers recreation and tranquality. In addition, the proximity of the Bakony Hill is excellent option for those who would like to play sports or go hiking in mountain forest.

Why is „Bokréta” Guesthouse excellent accommodation?

Because in our newly built guest house four modernly equipped, tastefully designed apartments with separate entrance on the ground floor are waiting for our guests. Each apartment is heated and air conditioned and is equipped with LCD color TV and mobile internet.

The open-plan kitchens are equipped with gas stove, refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, kettle, toaster and everything that is needed for frying cooking up. Of course, tools are needed to a meal at your disposal.

Our warmly decorated apartments, our community room upstairs and the whole environment is designed to serve all rest and relaxation of our guests . For active recreation sports equipment, games, and other tools free of charge to our guests. See the menu in detail about these services.


The terrace that overlooks the courtyard of guesthouse you can sit even in rainy weather with family members or friends, here you can comfortably dine or talk while stoned wonderfully clean air of Bakony and in the evenings to enjoy the sunset, which from this location is clearly visible at all times.


On the floor created huge community room that can be used as a lecture hall is equally suitable for team building or training or large groups of friends and family can host events. The business events in the IT background support is available if needed. The hall is also used for heating during the winter.


Those who want to go fishing can find great opportunities around the nearby town of Papa. Four fishing lake waiting for the fishing lovers, of which the closest to Ganna the Malom Lake (only about 9 km), but it's not far Strand Fishing Lake, Húsos Lake or not Elektermax Lake.


The pursuit of guesthouse roofed wooden claw-foot observation tower built from where you can see far away the surrounding countryside, underneath is an open grill place where wooden tables and benches are available in for an excellent style grill or barbecue party is held after a full day of hiking or hunting in Bakony.


The area's main attraction is given by the nearby Bakony that excellent hiking destination for those who love nature and the movement. To do this, we offer four hiking trails, which extend from our Gesthouse met. Detailed description by clicking on the menu to read Tours in Bakony.


For the guests coming with young children sandboxes, slides and swings are located on the courtyard of the guest house it is possible to use in nice weather, and outside the fence spacious space available for handball, badminton, football or sledging in winter. The tools for playing free of charge.

122 Mine Street, 8597 Ganna, Veszprém county, Hungary

 Telephone: +36-20/770-47-48